Photographic Art

We have 5 classes for photographers across Hampshire and West Sussex to share their inspiration during this challenging year and get people exploring nature on their doorstep and capture the most interesting photo.

All entries in these classes must be given a short title.

Photographic Art

What Occupied me during isolation Banana EVS-17

1st Choice

Carter. EVS-17
31 Votes

My World of Isolation lovemysunflowers EVS-02

2nd Choice

Achwal. EVS-02
23 Votes
Love My Sunflowers

My World of Isolation No Friends Allowed EVS-08

3rd Choice

Young. EVS-08
15 Votes
No Friends Allowed

Class 21

“My world of isolation”.

Class 22

FOR THOSE AGED 5 – 7 ON 31/08/20
My favourite toy or game while I had to stay at home.”

No Entries Received for this Class

Class 23

FOR THOSE AGED 8 – 11 ON 31/08/20
“What occupied me most of my time while in lockdown.”

Class 24

FOR THOSE AGED 12 – 15 ON 31/08/20
“The joys of freedom after isolation.”

No Entries Received for this Class

Class 25

FOR THOSE AGED 16 – 18 ON 31/08/20
“Something new I did under lockdown.”

No Entries Received for this Class

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