Guidance For Entrants


  1. Only one entry per class per person will be accepted.  
  2. Exhibitors do not need to be members of the Emsworth Horticultural Society but should be residents from the local area (i.e. Hampshire or West Sussex), have a connection with these areas or have previously exhibited in the Emsworth Show.
  3. A special class, number 12 has been created for those who wish to enter from further afield, which will only be for those entrants who are otherwise not qualified to enter.
  4. The official language of the Emsworth Show is English, and entries sent not in English cannot be accepted.
  5. All photographs submitted should be landscape in orientation. Short captions, if needed, e.g. for title, variety of vegetable or age of entrant, and should include the class number of the entry, on a PDF document accompanying the photo.  
  6. Where a written explanation is asked for, a maximum of 35 words, including the Class number should be sent in an accompanying PDF document. Similarly, longer explanations as required in a class, such as recipes, lists of contents, etc. should be sent as a PDF document, making sure the class number is given to each.  
  7. Entry forms and photos must be submitted online for each exhibitor no later than 6pm on Friday 28th August. You will then be allocated an entrant number, and all photos and PDF documents emailed later must include your entrant number in the title of each attachment.
  8. Entries will not be accepted via post or hand delivery, but must be online only.
  9. If you need help entering or uploading a photo to the website, one of our committee may be able to help. Please contact the Virtual Show Secretary.
  10. Each exhibitor must complete the necessary form online with their contact details, and also indicate that they have read these guidelines and accept the Emsworth Show statement on protection of your data.



  1. Photographs of plants, vegetables or flowers should have a 30cm ruler included in the photo to show height, width or length.
  2. Photographs must have been taken during the month of August, up to and including the closing date for entries at 6pm BST on Friday 28th August.
  3. Please state on attached PDF document, the kind of fruit, flower or vegetable and the name of the variety, if known (15 words max, including class number).
  4. Entries should be photographed against a neutral background, or if on a plate, a plain plate.
  5. Flowers and vegetables shown in classes 3 – 12 should have been grown in the exhibitor’s garden or allotment, or in the case of a pot plant, been in your possession for at least 6 months.



  1. Flowers used in the flower arranging classes may be purchased, and do not need to have been grown in your own garden / allotment.
  2. Accessories and drapes, etc. may be included, but natural plant material should predominate.
  3. A 30cm ruler should be shown in the photograph so that the scale can be assessed.
  4. Those looking at these entries will be particularly looking at the interpretation of the class title.



  1. Entries submitted will be placed on the website in ‘virtual rooms’ according to the schedule and sections. Only the entrant’s number will be displayed on their photo as well as age for young exhibitors and any additional words requested on the schedule.
  2. Members of the public may view them, and will be invited to give one vote to their favourite in each class.
  3. Members of the Show Committee will not judge the photos in any way, but may refuse to display some entries which are deemed unsuitable for public display. Their decision is final.
  4. The website will be open to view from noon on Sunday 30th August until 6pm on Monday 31st August for the public vote.  The outcome will be shown from Tuesday 1st September, with the number of votes given to the leading entries, which will then be identified by your name only (Young exhibitors will only have a first name shown).
  5. The website will remain open until at least 12th October. Thereafter a reduced number of entries will remain on the website.                                                       

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