Gardens and Allotments

Do you have a garden or allotment to be proud of? 

 Whether you have a garden, window box or a community space, we would like to know how this has made a difference to you and your family and what makes this space so special.  Choose from 3 classes and celebrate your creation! 

Class 1

‘Dig for Victory’ – changes you have made in your vegetable growing in your garden or allotment with the extra time you have had. A short explanation of no more than 35 words of what you have done should accompany your photo as a word document.

Class 2

‘A place to relax’ – a photo of your garden or allotment, accompanied by a short explanation (no more than 35 words in the ‘explanation box’) of changes you have made this year to create a special space you can enjoy.

Class 3

A display of one vase of 2 each of 3 different flowers from your garden, together with a plate of 2 each of 3 different vegetables you have grown. (This class reflects the traditional Emsworth Champion Gardener class normally held)

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