Flowers and Fruit

Our traditional horticultural show marquee is filled with delights every year with various flowers, plants, and fruit, exhibited in an attractive, beautiful way and bursting with colour. Show off your favourite blooms, exotic fruits, and plants – the best of your backyard, allotment, or kitchen garden!  

Fruit and Flowers

My Favorite Indoor Plant Goosefoot Pot Plant EVS-18

1st Choice

Porter. EVS-18
40 Votes
Goosefoot Pot Plant

2 Blooms from my favourite flower - Gladiolus EVS18

2nd Choice

Porter. EVS-18
26 Votes

EHS 2020-9 EVS-07

3rd Choice

Jury. EVS-07
21 Votes
My Favourite Indoor Plant

Class 8

A flower I have grown from seed.

Class 9

Two blooms from my favourite flower that I grow in my garden.

Class 10

My favourite indoor plant.

Class 11

A collection of 3 different edible fruits – if berries are included, 3 of each kind should be shown in your photograph, or 1 of larger fruits.

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