Floral Art

There are seven main principles of floral design: proportion, scale, harmony, rhythm, balance, unity, and emphasis.  When these basic flower arranging rules are understood and used correctly you can create gorgeous pieces of floral art.  Why not get involved, follow these key principles, and try one of our 4 classes and create your own masterpiece. 

Flower Arrangement

EVS-1 Roses of Eyam

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Ponsonby. EVS-01
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The Roses of Eyam

Class 13

“Ring a ring of roses, a pocketful of posies…” – a small tied posy to hold while you are out (a tradition begun during the 17th Century plague). May include accessories, as traditional posies did. Young exhibitors especially invited to contribute to this.

Class 14

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” – a traditional arrangement.

Class 15

“The Roses of Eyam” – an arrangement of any flowers and/or plant material, intended for someone you know who has put themselves at risk for the sake of everyone else.

Class 16

“We’ll meet again” – a petite flower arrangement to illustrate the VE 75th commemoration on 8th May, not exceeding 25cm in height, width and depth.

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