Domestic and Fun Classes

These 6 classes provide a fun way to engage the whole familyspend quality time together and create happy memories to treasure always.  

Class 26

My furry or feathery friend – a photograph of any animal or bird which has made you happy this Spring and Summer 2020, accompanied by a Word document with 35 words explaining how it has comforted you.

Class 27

The dog with the waggiest tail – a 15 second You Tube video. Please also send it with a Word Document with the Dog’s breed and name. (The Fun Dog Show is one of the most popular of our usual Arena events!)

Class 28

My time capsule – a list or photo of things you would put in a 2 litre ice cream box as a memory of this Spring and Summer 2020. A short explanation of no more than 35 words should be sent on a Word document accompanying a photo if you send one. Young exhibitors especially invited to contribute to this.

Class 29

My favourite home-cooked food in lockdown – please send an accompanying Word document of the recipe with the photo.

Class 30

A special Tea for two in the garden.

Class 31

Something I hadn’t tried before (or have taken up again after years) –
any handiwork or activity accompanied by a Word document of no more than 35 words explaining how it turned out, even if it did not workout the way you expected.

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