8 - 11 Yrs

Young Exhibitors 8 yrs to 11 yrs

Picnic Lunch for One EVS-17

1st Choice

Carter. EVS-17
25 Votes
Picnic for One

Picnic Lunch For One EVS-31

2nd Choice

Novis. EVS-31
8 Votes
Picnic for 1

Class 34

Design of a ‘Scarecorona’ –
an A4 sheet showing the design that you might construct to put by your front door just as a scarecrow is used to scare away birds from gardens. (In 2021 we are planning a scarecrow competition of actual scarecrows you have made which will be placed in your garden by noon on August 21st for judging that afternoon).

No Entries Received for this Class

Class 35

A picnic lunch for one
including at least one thing you have cooked yourself, photographed on a tray. A list of the food for your picnic must accompany your photo.

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